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Get a Face-painter in Dallas

So, maybe you want to look like Spiderman or Cinderella for a day. Or does painted on butterflies sound more like your thing? Well, whatever you feel like our super talented face-painters in Dallas are here to sparkle up your day! Face painting is always a must at any party. Outdoors when it's bright and sunny or indoors when it's rainy, you decide! Our Face artists are always ready and excited to charm you with their paint!

Corporate Events in Dallas with Face-Painting

Boring events are sooo last season! So, why not hire a face painter? Face-painting is all the rage these days, from Instagram to Facebook, everyone loves a bit of color in their life! Need an ice-breaker? Hire a face-painter. *When you think it can't get any better, it does with Bazinga Parties! We not only uses the highest, professional-quality FX and TAG face-paints but they are FDA approved, hypoallergenic and easy to remove too! With just a swipe of water or wet wipe you'll remove the paint right away.*

Face Paint
is Fun


- 1 x Face-painter

- 1 Hour (12 Children)

*Additional 30 mins - $87.5


How the Magic Happens

At Bazinga Parties, we believe that a simple yet effective booking process is the way to go! We move mountains to make sure that you receive the best quality and service from us! From our personalized “Day-before” notifications to ensuring the coordination is perfectly on key, for a successful event. 10 minutes before the fun all begins, our cheerful Bazinga entertainer will set up, meet and wish the little birthday girl/boy and if they're any extra setup details they will discuss it with the host.

For the ultimate in relaxation, a serene shaded setting would be a wonderful place to participate in face-painting in Dallas. So, take a breath and let the all the party guests observe the wonderful works of our talented face painting artists. As the designs can be quite complex and we love to put our heart and soul into it, our artists average painting is 12 children per hour.

Have you got more than 12 guests who would love face painting? Then please book an additional 30 minutes for every additional 6 guests so that our artists can fit them in too!.

*Need to add that extra pizazz to full-day corporate function, or a fabulous, Family-fun event? Then hire a face-painter! Get in touch with us as there are discounted day-rates and special prices for multiple entertainers at large events.

Face-Painting in Dallas

Show-Stopping Face Painting

Let your mind go WILD, because you can choose from a variety of different face-paintings.

Face-Painting in Dallas

Creative Face-Painting Artists

The professionally trained Bazinga face-painting artists put the WOW factor in any design!

Face-painting in Dallas

The Duration

Our artists can paint 12 magical looks on children in the span of one hour.

Bazinga Parties Children’s Entertainment for Parties in Dallas Site Icon Bazinga Parties
Purveyors or awesome kids party experiences. #thefunwillfindyou
Face-painting in Dallas
Face-Painting in Dallas
Face-Painting in Dallas
Bazinga Parties Children’s Entertainment for Parties in Dallas Site Icon Bazinga Parties
Purveyors or awesome kids party experiences. #thefunwillfindyou

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76   Posts

Book a Fabulous Face-Painting Artist in Dallas

Your professional face painter will start getting ready and jumping for joy knowing that you want their creative services! But first... you need to complete the simplest booking process ever. All you need to do is follow these three easy peasy steps:
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Check The Baiznga Calendar For Availability

We use simple but advanced technology for your viewing pleasure! Hit the "book now" button and watch our updated and in sync, calendar appear. Are you available for some really fun party games? Then we are too!
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You're getting closer and closer because now it's time to save the date! Provide us with all the juicy party details, choose your desired payment method and enter your card information. We won't process your payment until the booking has been confirmed. So, get excited because you can save the date with ease!
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It's almost party game fun time! At this step, your booking will be confirmed and your card will officially be debited with the full amount. Start spreading the news, and get Super pumped with excitement because at this s step a confirmation email will be sent your way. This email will be the scoop of the party because you will find out your Bazinga entertainer's name and contact information. 24 Hours before your party you will receive a reminder SMS, which is when we start feeling the excitement butterflies in our stomachs!

*The T’s & C’s: Need to cancel your event? If you cancel more then 2 weeks prior to your event date we refund at 95% (To cover our card / bank fees). If cancellations occur less than 14 days prior to your event we refund at 75%. Cancellations due to CoVid are offered an option to rebook a new date free of charge.
**If you made a payment and we were unable to assist with the date or time that you booked, we refund in full.