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Balloon Artists in Dallas

Our creative balloon artists are here to make your kids party entertainment in Dallas a wonderful and enchanting experience. So, welcome to an amazing world of animals, swords, unicorns and flowers!

Whether the parties indoors or outdoors, it's always a hit! Our balloon twisting experts will keep the adults and children alike entertained! Sit back and relax, let us show you our creative passion.

Book now, you're just a click away from beautiful balloon art!

A Magical World Of


- 1 x Balloon Artist

- One Hour (12 Children)

*Additional 30 mins - $75

How the magic all happens

Your jolly entertainer will be just delighted that they can show you their creative skills!  About 10 minutes before the fun will commence, your magical maker will meet the the little birthday child and plan the best place for all guests to say "WOW!" . 

Your magical maker will advise you that grass and balloons will just end up popping away, so a shady and grass-free spot is always a winner! What's even better about Bazinga Dallas is that our balloons are  bio-degradable, the highest quality, made from 100% latex and are environmentally-friendly (See more information here.)

Our gifted twisters can create magical balloon art for up to 12 children per hour! We're all about making sure all the kids get one, so if there are any other cheery children please add an extra 30 minutes for every 6. Parents, it's that simple, all you have to do is click a button and relax because we're here to keep your little ones entertained! 

*Are you thinking of using our balloon twisters to entice your guests for a conference or other full-day event in Dallas? Leave it up to the entertainment experts! Get in touch with our amazing coordinator for discounted day-rates.

Kids party entertainment in Dallas

Balloon Twisting/Art

A whole world of creative and beautiful balloon designs

Kids party entertainment in Dallas

Balloon Twisting Pros

Our professionally trained balloon artists LOVE to show off their wonderful skills!

Kids party entertainment in Dallas

The Duration

Our wonderful balloon twisters will use their skills to twist up to 12 balloons per hour!

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Purveyors or awesome kids party experiences. #thefunwillfindyou
Kids party entertainment in Dallas
Kids party entertainment in Dallas
Kids party entertainment in Dallas
Bazinga Parties Dallas Site Icon Bazinga Parties
Purveyors or awesome kids party experiences. #thefunwillfindyou

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76   Posts

Book a Balloon Artist in Dallas

You're so close to experiencing the wonderful world of creative balloon art! The "book now" button is your key to entering this enchanting world of fun. Below is a three-step guide for you to follow.

Kids party entertainment in Dallas


The timing and dates of your party in Dallas are just the click of a button away! The "book now" option will open up you up to our online calendar of dates and times we are available to celebrate your special day. These are all up-to-date thanks to our website syncing. Choose a date when it best suits you and we'll happily be there!
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At Bazinga Parties Dallas, we're all about keeping it simple! After checking the available dates and times, enter the exciting party details and choose your preferred payment method. Enter the card details and click complete. However, no need to worry because we won't charge you until we confirm the booking on our side.
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the Booking confirmation

When you reach this point start getting excited because your big day is booked! Your booking will be confirmed by us and then only once that happens will we debit the full amount to your card. Now you can relax knowing that the Bazinga pros can plan it all for you! We will send you a confirmation email where you will see all of your wonderful party details, your cheerful entertainer's names, and contact information. Your special day is so important to us that you'll receive a confirmation SMS from us 24 hours before your booking.

*The T’s & C’s: Need to cancel your event? If you cancel more then 2 weeks prior to your event date we refund at 95% (To cover our card / bank fees). If cancellations occur less than 14 days prior to your event we refund at 75%. Cancellations due to CoVid are offered an option to rebook a new date free of charge.
**If you made a payment and we were unable to assist with the date or time that you booked, we refund in full.