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The Active Party Dallas Bazinga Parties

What is an Active Party?

What is an active party, you ask? Well, imagine combing two of our most popular entertainment services together. That's exactly what you can do! Now the decision lays in your hands, choose which two of the services you want at your party:  

YAY, get excited because it's almost party time! Per 12 children the minimum duration for the “Active Party” is 90 minutes. Do you have more than 12 guests attending? Let's make it happen!  For every 6 children extra please add an additional 30 minutes.

Let Bazinga make your day SUPER SPECIAL! Click here to book your Active Party in Dallas. 

YOU! YES YOU! You read that right, it's truly that SIMPLE!

We can't Keep Calm- IT'S ACTIVE PARTY TIME!


- 90 Minutes / 2 Services

- 1 Entertainer

- Up to 12 Children

*Additional 30 mins - $137.5


How the Party Runs..

As the old saying goes "the early bird catches the worm". So, expect the your SUPER DUPER EXCITED entertainer to arrive bright and early - 10 minutes before the arranged party start time. This is to allow the entertainer to meet with the special birthday child and to discuss things briefly with the host all the enchanting ideas before setting up.

Based on your choice, and to set a relaxed mood, we generally start with the freaking cool face-painting or terrific twisting of balloons. We're all about personalizing our services and making sure every kid is comfortable as well as ready to have a blast! So, at this time you will notice the entertainers connecting with the kids before explaining and coordinating the games, which consist of:

  • Tug of war
  • musical statues
  • sack races
  • limbo
  • pass the parcel
  • egg and spoon races
  • musical bumps
Active party in Dallas Bazinga Parties

Option One

Balloon Art & Party Games

Active party in Dallas Bazinga Parties

Option Two

Face-painting & Balloon Art

Active party in Dallas Bazinga Parties Dallas

Option Three

Party Games & Face-painting

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Purveyors or awesome kids party experiences. #thefunwillfindyou
The Active Party Dallas Balloon Art
The Active Party Dallas Party Games
The Active Party Dallas Face Painting
Bazinga Parties Children’s Entertainment for Parties in Dallas Site Icon Bazinga Parties
Purveyors or awesome kids party experiences. #thefunwillfindyou

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WOOP WOOP...Book the Active Party NOW!

Did you know, our booking system is easy peasy lemon squeezy? It doesn't get any better than this! Okay, so let's be real it's going to be more like the event and talk of the season! Simply just follow the three easy steps below to book an active party in Dallas:
Ative Parties in Dallas Bazinga Parties


&nbspWe use simple but advanced technology for your viewing pleasure! Hit the "book now" button and watch our updated and in sync, calendar appear. Are you available for some really fun party games? Then we are too!

Ative Parties in Dallas Bazinga Parties


You're getting closer and closer because now it's time to save the date! Provide us with all the juicy party details, choose your desired payment method and enter your card information. We won't process your payment until the booking has been confirmed. So, get excited because you can save the date with ease!

Ative Parties in Dallas Bazinga Parties


It's almost party game fun time! At this step, your booking will be confirmed and your card will officially be debited with the full amount. Start spreading the news, and get Super pumped with excitement because at this step a confirmation email will be sent your way. This email will be the scoop of the party because you will find out your Bazinga entertainer's name and contact information. 24 hours before your party you will receive a reminder SMS, which is when we start feeling the excitement butterflies in our stomachs!

*The T’s & C’s: Need to cancel your event? If you cancel more then 2 weeks prior to your event date we refund at 95% (To cover our card / bank fees). If cancellations occur less than 14 days prior to your event we refund at 75%. Cancellations due to CoVid are offered an option to rebook a new date free of charge.
**If you made a payment and we were unable to assist with the date or time that you booked, we refund in full.